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Automotive Filters

Oil, Fuel & Air filters : Crafting Filtration solutions

Oil Filters

Filtration system of contamination suspended during engine oil working, thus preventing engine damage and resulting in better performance. The shapes and sizes of these differ depending upon the engine size and vehicle construction.

Fuel Filters

Filtration system for contaminants present in fuel, diesel oil and LPG installations, ensuring super cleaned fuel is being used for complete protection engine fuel systems from rapid wear.

Air Filters

Filtration system of your car filters out dirt, debris, and other particles that could harm the engine. An engine air filter’s purpose is to ensure only clean air enters a car’s engine.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Paper element Manufacturing line
  • Paper pleating line
  • Complete assembly of Filter inner Element
  • Single flow Assembly line for filters Seaming
  • Online 100% Air Leakage testing
  • Print Marking

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